If you’re like most other online bloggers, web hosting or simply maybe WordPress hosting really doesn’t impact you unless there’s a problem that shuts and slows down your blog, e-mail, web analytics, etc. Moreover, that could be a mistake given all that hosting on the stability and performance which is the most important point to consider if you ever plan to buy hosting services.

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As of now web, hosts are sophisticated businesses with several of them offer quite of different services. It is now very tough to choose a good web host as it becomes really tough to compare as there are various factors involved in the hosting businesses. As such, the industry’s maturity has been accompanied by a number of issues.

Many of us I mean bloggers are web hosting customers who host our own websites/blog, and sometimes it feels like if we aren’t getting the satisfaction from the companies we are using to handle our online presence. Needless to say, this can have a negative or even catastrophic effect on our ability to perform as entrepreneurs, and consequently our business reputations (company brand).

Active online entrepreneurs and bloggers always know what web hosting services they are paying for and this is the point where we are lacking, no matter how technical the details are to understand.

For those who are beginners and mature Internet marketers alike, here are several of the key issues which you should focus on when dealing/choosing with the best and efficient web host. Here at WPTechian i would be discussing Web Hosting Basics Like there are certain points which you should know about web hosting.

Web Hosting Basics: What you need to know before choosing the hosting server

What You Should Know About Web Hosting

If you are having a tough time to read this article or tight on schedule and want to choose a good host believe us if you can, you won’t go wrong. Use our recommended Bluehost you will definitely excel in your blogging.

1. Understand the Web Hosting Services Offered

Nowadays, automation tools like cPanel rule the web hosting companies and have been playing a vital role in expanding the web hosting market in the World Wide Web (WWW) era. Competition across the industry means that a reputable service should be able to process the basic operations of the hosting and point you in the right direction, about it, For example, should you need to upgrade or use more advanced options or need specialized services, such as an optimized WordPress hosting account.

In most cases, you can start with the lowest and cheapest plan and after that, you can upgrade your web hosting account as your traffic increases. Most of the web hosts have the ability to transfer customers from a very cheap low-tier “shared hosting” plan to a VPS, dedicated server. You can have a look at how cheap can web hosting be.

2. Web Hosting Infrastructure

Like it’s known all hosting companies offer mostly Linux (Apache) or Windows-based servers to host your files on the server. Most of the customers share space on these servers, although other options are available too like virtual private servers, a virtual private network (VPN), dedicated servers, and dedicated IP exist for medium and large-scale businesses or maybe blogs if it is huge readership on a particular blog. In most of the cases shared hosting will suffice you if you choose a reputable web hosting where there is the availability of good bandwidth like best and cheap bluehost.

Most reputable web hosts follow industry standards and best practices as they are bound to and you really don’t need to know about or worry about these unnecessary technical details of web hosting terms.

One thing to note, you don’t have to get your hosting account at the same company you buy and register your domain name. As an example or a practice, many people will purchase their domain name with GoDaddy (You can save a lot of money by doing this it’s a top notch secret) but then host their website with Bluehost web hosting company. Both of these companies are the most famous when it comes to their work.

3. Web Hosting Customer Service

Of all the things to be concerned with, customer service is definitely the most important thing to consider when choosing the best web host.

As technology across the world becomes more and more standardized, web-hosting companies must take care on the basis of its customer care quality. You as a business owner or blogger should be in a position to demand the services and attention you deserve. Me too agree with the fact customer service as a deciding factor to stay with a web hosting company. I have a good experience with Hostgator when its about the customer services they offer. Even I like there live chat option as well.

Hosting companies that offer 24/7 customer support (such as Bluehost and GoDaddy) are going to be the winners as of now according to my experience. Smart databases, forums, and ticketing systems are good addon services, but there is no substitute for being able to pick up the phone at any hour of the day and talk to someone in the event of a website emergency. If it’s the case then any day you can go for GoDaddy.

At the same time, don’t be fooled by some marketing gimmicks, e.g. the promise of unlimited bandwidth and other addons that seems to be good but may, be something which you don’t need.

4. Start Small and Grow

The safest way to test anything out there may be to opt for a basic, one-year plan without any bells and whistles. Linux-based servers should be good enough unless you have Windows-specific demands (e.g. SQL Server, .NET frameworks). Choose a package that satisfies your security, e-mail marketing, and e-commerce requirements. Try to buy the cheapest plan possible like when you are starting out you can go for Hostinger they offer really cheap.

Estimate and understand your growth over time, and look for a plan that offers a type of tiered growth without necessarily having to upgrade right away.

Again, most of the major web hosting companies have dedicated sales teams that can talk to you about your needs and recommend an appropriate plan for the level that you are at right now – with the option to upgrade your web hosting services as your business grows. But I would recommend you to start with shared hosting which will be enough for you. Why shell money unnecessary when it’s not needed.

Final Thoughts on Web Hosting

With so much competition and noise in the web hosting marketplace, you’ll have to think twice or maybe you need expert advice from the field. If you ask us then our vote to Bluehost for overall package and Hostinger if you want cheaper option yet efficient hosting.

Ultimately it’s highly recommended that you avoid a fake advertised type web hosting company and stick with a more well-known company like Hostinger that has the resources to offer 24/7 customer support and the ability to support your hosting needs as you grow your online business.