Well you can compare parked domain with parked car.

Can you tell me what you do with the car if that is not in use? Definitely you will park that somewhere near to your home as such to use it whenever you are in use of that. When you are in need or you have to go somewhere to drive. Then you might wonder what has parked a domain? Well-Read on this blog you will be able to understand the topic and even its benefits.

What is parked Domain?

In the same way when you purchase a domain. But you do not host that with your hosting and C panel account then it is said to be parked the domain. Because you are not attaching and making it a blog. In that case what we can interpret is we have purchase a domain just for the sake of protecting our name. We just leave it for later use.
And in most cases you just want to buy a domain even before you start to use it.

Why you should park your domain in advance

As we all know parking of a domain means you’re not going to use the acquired domain just after purchasing it.
But why would you do that? Well Let me tell you there are some good reasons. why you should park your domain well before the stipulated launch of your blog.

You are working on a startup and thinking of starting your blog may be in sometime then definitely. I would advise you to buy a domain before and you can make a simple template and easily you can show coming soon banner. This way it will boost your marketing.

What is parked domain

These days shared hosting plans are very cheap, you can buy any one of. All of the companies provide you to work with multiple domains. You can host one of your park domain and earn some residuary income out of that with Google AdSense.

Anyway you can resale the domain. I have seen many people buy some logical domain names and later sell them with premium price. And not to mention they are earning high.

You can reserve the name if you have some beautiful names in your mind. Then it is a possibility that it might get sold to someone in that case it’s a good idea to buy domain whenever you need it or well in advance. You can definitely park that domain and use it with the coming blog.

Domain name parking services

There are plenty of services available who provide you with the domain parking services. There is no charges of parking your domain with them. But if you are planning to earn some residuary income from your park domain through advertising ads then definitely you can exchange the profit with these services. And if you don’t want to earn anything then you can park your domain free of cost with them.

These registrars offer free parked domain options.

  • Namecheap
  • Dotster
  • Godaddy

Earn money through parked domain (Sedo)

If you are planning to earn money through the parked domain then I will recommend you to try out Sedo. One of the biggest market place in the category with varied options available. It’s free of cost not to mention that it’s unlike other service providers to charge you for parking your domain with them but not the case with Sedo.

If you are someone who used to do it on regular basis, used to buy plenty of domains and later sell them.
Then it’s up finest choice you can think of even if you are someone who is into affiliate marketing then I will advise you to sign up for their partner program they give you 15% commission on every sale incur.
You simply need to register with them to start earning money with sedo. And place their widget to your blog. By the way they are providing specialized widgets for your taste.

Other alternatives to earn money through domain parking

If you have a shared hosting plan which permits you to use multiple domains. Then it’s alright if not you can sign up with one of the cheapest and best shared hosting plan with Bluehost. They are into business for decades. They knows how to manage your hosting. After purchasing your hosting plan you can simply add a number of domains to the plan and earn money through advertising.

So what do you think about park domain and domain parking to let us know through the comments below.