If you are one of established bloggers or anyone who is just starting to write blogs for whatsover the reason is. Knows how much important is it to manage SEO efficiently to rank your blog higher in search engines. SEO is becoming more complex day by day.

But we have to manage accordingly and try to touch all aspects of Search engine optimization for WordPress blog.
One important setting from your WordPress dashboard is Alternative text. We can call it alt tag can definitely help you to rank higher SERP.
But the question arises what is image Alt text or alt tag, what does alt text mean and how ALT text can increase SEO in WordPress blog.

What is Image ALt text or ALt tag in WordPress

Alt text is a basic information about the image you used to upload in your wordpress blog while uploading the image you can see there is a field for ALT text.
This information basically is to be used by search engine crawlers for the ranking factors of images.

what is image alt text

Alternate text (Alt text) is known as text description that may be added to an image’s HTML attribute. Sometimes image within the web content can not be displayed, then at that place the ALT text is shown instead. Moreover displayed once a user hover mouse over the image.

ALT text is no doubt on of the vital attributes needed by the image tag. Correct implementation of ALT text will help increase web accessibility. ALT text is also very important for search engine optimization,as web crawlers cannot determine the content of images, thus depend on ALT text to determine their images in contents.

These days lot of people search for images directly, this help them to provide accurate results. In some of the cases when images are not loaded properly then ALT text is shown which act as title some or the other time.

Normally this Alt tag for images is not visible on the web page. You can compare ALT tags to metadata actually it’s type of. Means it’s behind the image nobody going to see this per se. But sometimes it’s shown when the image is not loading properly. Then there is the question why should we use ALT tags text if nobody is going to see them.

Be with me…I will tell you uses of image alt text for seo benefits.

Benefits of using image ALT text on Search engine optimization (SEO)

As we all know SEO is the main process by which we can increase our organic rankings and organic traffic of wordpress blog.
Again SEO is not that easy it’s a very tedious process in which you have to give your good and ample amount of time to learn SEO and implement on your wordpress blog.

Eventually you will get the benefits of SEO on your wordpress blog but sometimes small things matter like they can be small tweaks which you can use to improve SEO of WordPress blog. For example writing effective ALT text and other image optimizations. This will surely place you higher in SERPS.

Search engines like Google look at these ALT text or tags and use this information for ranking algorithms. Tags help them by providing information to search engines so that they can easily categorise your resource and can show right results for your WordPress blog.

Don’t forget to use keywords in ALT text of your images that will be helpful for your on-page seo.

How to add and optimize image ALT text in WordPress

You have to make it a habit of regularly adding ALT text. Whenever you upload any media in your WordPress blog through dashboard. And don’t forget to optimize your image also like you should pay attention to the size apart from this you should also use plugins like WP-Smush and pixel these are amazing plugins to optimize your blog for images.