It is high possibility, you have most likely known the term blog/weblog/diary/journal before, right? However if you asked a bunch of individuals around what is a blog, chances are high. That they wouldn’t be in position to offer you a correct answer. Or make you understand about the topic which we are into what is blog and blogging. This article we are writing here at WPTECHIAN, we are going to answer this question what a blog is. You will be able to learn what is actually a blogger. Why you would probably wish to begin blogging and be successful in blogging.

What is a Blog

The definition of a blog or “weblog” is the informative web site or on-line journal. That shows the most recent posts at the top of the page. It should also be frequently updated and is typically run by an individual or group of people. The views and opinions expressed, even if it’s a small group of individuals has to be around a single subject. That’s all, you should not be confused with the fact that there is difference between blog and website. Yes there is

What is a blog and uses of a blog

Uses of a blog

These days blog is used by individual, and companies for various reasons which benefits them most out of blogging. Perhaps you might be having some interest or hobbies. Like Playing Tennis and wish to share that zeal with a bigger audience. Or, you’re doing a study on the results of some theory for your project and wish to log your findings. Possibly, you’re a business or startup and wish to help sell your product better. Reaching out to a bigger audience by spreading awareness regarding your product. There’s also the tough question on whether or not. You’ll be able to make money running a blog, and if so, how? Well later on this.

What is Blogging?

Blogging can be said or taken as actual talent and ability of writing and maintaining a web log, using the required web tools to assist the blogger to write, share and link with ease. It all began in the early 2000s wherever many mainly opinion blogs started increasing. How-to and tutorial blogs followed after that. It’s too worth mentioning the what actually is the difference between journalism and blogging. The thing that set them apart became more and more longer over the years.

To better know what actually is blogging, let’s have a glance on why it became thus common as it is these days. Blogging grew exponentially fast as since it initially came out in the initial days. However why did it become that widespread? Blogging grew quicker relatively. This was due to many factors, like not having to buy the blog thus you may browse it.

Constant updates created certain they wouldn’t become obsolete and also the proven fact that you may follow blogs that interest you. With the rise of blogging. Consider blogging like having a diary that you just always needed to show off to people. So, who is it that’s really behind the curtains of blogging? Read on to know everything about the blogging in and out.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger could be a person running a blog, sharing their views with you for each personal and business related reasons. These topics will vary from arts to politics and everything in between. In recent times more of them became celebrities in their domain or niche. A part time job for a few, a regular career for others and it can be one of hobbies for lot of individuals.

On the contrary, always traveling may be most popular, depending on what kind of blog you’re running. Like if you are someone who runs travel blog, after all, the web is all over, therefore you as a blogger are too everywhere. We already in brief touched upon when blogging came about, however let’s try and break down the evolution and history of blogging.

Differences Between blog and a website

You may be thinking that a blog might also be an internet site and vice versa, however they’re not interchangeable it would be not easy to know what differentiates them however there are definitive key differences. And with companies making an attempt to use each formats of an internet site and a blog at the same time, it can become quite hard to understand.

A blog, like we mentioned the definition, needs to be continuously updated and maintained. Letting a visitor express himself within the comment section along with his suggestions or issues & considerations. Whereas a website, on the opposite hand, is considered as “static.” What that basically suggests that it’s not often updated. When repeatedly visiting a blog, you’ll be able to see that everything is often dynamic . While on a static web site, everything remains the identical for the most part, therefore the name, more about that later on within the article.

Besides the actual fact that blogs are often updated, there’s a somewhat failproof approach of looking for whether or not a blog classifies as one. A blog possesses a publication date, author reference, categories, and tags among a byline. Whereas not all blogs have this stuff, websites don’t use any of those components whatsoever. With this data in hand, you’ll be able to now differentiate between a website and a blog.

Differences Between blog post and web site Page

What about the particular blog post and net page? We already mentioned the word “static” when talking about websites. A blog post are going to be written in reverse-chronological order with the most recent post at the top of the page. By default, your home page is your blog post page, and this is often where you’ll see your new posts published. And if you wish neat categories where everything is organized and accessible by a navigation bar or similar feature, you’ll use a static or otherwise referred to it as an site page.

Why Do people Blog?

People began writing personal blogs to indicate their interest or share something on the online. Firms began using blogging to ensure that their customers are up-to-date and well aware. The more folks come back to your website, the better your whole awareness and trust.

Interaction is another a part of the increasing success of blogs, after all, if individuals can interact together with your company and brand, it’s undoubtedly a positive addition to, lots of individuals begin blogging with the ambition of making money through blogging. You can express your thoughts and feelings about a subject on-line and make money out of a blog at the same time, what’s not to love in blogging or a blog?

The most common approach of making money by a blog is third-party ads. You place these ads (most usually banners) that visitors see in your blog, and if they click on them, it brings in a very little of ad revenue. Obviously, if it’s your own business, then the very fact that somebody is already on your site reading about your product is already useful.

Do Bloggers Earn cash From Their Blogs

Like simply mentioned above, the short answer is yes! Let’s take a look at some examples. according to Forbes, the highest 10 blog sites earn anywhere from $175,000 to $14,000,000 in a single month. that’s large money! In fact, these are well-established blogs with years of expertise and a large number of staff. So, if you’re beginning out with a small blog you most likely won’t earn that much money, however you’ll be able to still live off the money generated by your blog.

Hope you like the article about what is a blog and uses of a blog. If you have any questions you can ask us you are welcome.