Make money online is one of the most searched terms you can find on internet. But when it comes to search results of this question there are numerous answers on this particular most sought after question. Wide ranges from scams of making money online to some genuine ways to make money on internet.

No other important question comes to our mind, whether is it possible to earn money through Internet? Well my answer is yes, ok today we are going to discuss one of such genuine ways to make money online through internet. Keep on reading this blog and you will gain momentum and can start earning passive income.

We here at WPTechian used to share anything which is about blogging and make money online. As we know there are many ways to earn passive income but here we are talking about one of such ways to earn money from a blog using Google AdSense.

We all are familiar with AdSense and it is definite that AdSense is undisputed leader in the contextual advertising business.

How Google AdSense works

Working of Google AdSense is very much straight forward and easy to understand you can have a better idea from the attached image in this blog.

You can refer the image advertiser goes to Google and ask them to advertise their business and deposit for example $100 to Google AdWords account. Where he or she makes a campaign about business he is promoting.

From Google AdWords Google picks these campaigns and promote these advertorials to the Google AdSense account holders to whom we call publishers.

For example if you are running Google AdSense ads on your website or blog then you are termed as publisher. Advertisers and publishers both gets mutual advantages. Like on the basis of PPC (pay per click) and CPC (cost per click) and RPM impressions.

Publisher gets to earn 70% out of those $100 spend by advertiser in Google AdWords account the remaining 30% is the Google commission. This is how Google business goes and Google AdSense works.Read on this blog I will tell you how much you can earn from niche blog through Google AdSense even if you are newbie.

start a niche blog

How much can you earn from niche website through Google AdSense

There’s no limit to earn from AdSense as there are lot many Pro bloggers. Who are earning six-figure income from their blogs using AdSense. To reach that level you have to really work hard but right now we are focusing on how much can you earn from a website months old.

Let’s understand everything with the help of some calculations

Suppose your blog is getting thousand visitors per day. And CTR click through rate is 10% of the total visitors your blog is having.

For example if your average PPC is $.4 then you will earn $40 per day

And 40 x 30 dollars is equal to 1200 dollars per month. Its huge if you are from India as it will be X 70.

This much you can earn if you are very much new to blogging and your blog is not getting big traffic and page views. If you can earn more than thousand dollars on a new blog then you can see prospects of earning through internet.

How to start a niche blog to make money through AdSense

Follow this guide very wisely definitely you will get many advantages if you want to start a Niche blog/website.

Choosing niche a for your blog

In Simple language it is category or subject in which you will be writing blog post.
Choosing a Niche is one of the most important thing, you can do to start a blog as you cannot write much about the topic you are not aware of or you would also not like to write about the topics. Which are already flooded on internet like anything.

Points to remember while choosing Niche for your blog

You should always go for trending topics or subjects. Which most of the people are interested to read or love to read on those topics. After all you don’t want to have less traffic on your blog. Choosing on trending topic doesn’t mean you forget about competition underlying you should consider that too.

You should have passion about topic. If you have passion about particular topic then you would not have to work hard as you you are having good knowledge depth on the topic and you love to write.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life


Fear competition A bit

Always choose a Niche where is limited competition, like if there are big players in a particular Niche. Then that Niche is not suitable for newbie until unless you are not backed by a big company as they can spend money dollars on marketing.

I assume you are a single person just starting to write and earn passive income through internet.

A list of some potential niches (6 figure earners)

  • Nutrition
  • Recipes
  • Travel
  • Blogging
  • Viral blogs
  • Quiz website
  • DIY Guides
  • Sports

Even you can work on some sub niche out of these popular Niches.

Buy a domain

Domain is the web address of any site out there on the internet. So you have to be to choosy when you buy a domain.

You should always think and name which is relevant to your business. Unique for your blog as it will help you to market your blog easily. And good for SEO as well.

Buy a name which is self explanatory and your visitor can get idea about the subject without visiting your blog, just having a look at your domain.

You can buy a domain name from one of the most famous domain registrar namecheap with whs protection in only $10 and namesilo $8

But here at all blog we recommend you to buy from godaddy because it is the cheapest place where you can buy domain in just for $1 for first year.

Renewable is not a problem after all you will be earning money from your blog then definitely you can spend accordingly.

You can get domain for free click here to get your free domain

Set up your blog

We have already completed two steps of choosing niche and domain name now move on to next step setting up your blog with cms.

Now it’s your turn to find suitable blogging platform known as CMS (content management System). For your blog like WordPress, blogspot, wix, joomla, etc.
But we recommend here to use self hosted wordpress because this is the most customizable and best CMS out there 25% of all the websites on the Internet are hosted on WordPress.

How such large number of people can go wrong.
For self hosted wordpress blog, you just need to buy a hosting.

Shared hosting will suffice for new bloggers as it will be more than enough to host a new website later you can upgrade with other hosting plans like dedicated and managed hosting.

Buying hosting these days not big problem as all big companies like bluehost, hostgator, siteground, WP engine, Hostinger are giving cheap shared hosting plans.

We recommend You to buy shared hosting plans from bluehost it will cost you less than 3 dollars per month its a deal for our readers.

If you even want to start with very very less investment then you can go for hostinger it will be less than $1 per month. Can you imagine hosting that cheap.

Click on this affiliate link to get your shared hosting from hostinger.

Adsense optimized theme

Like we have already discussed about we are creating a niche website, which focuses on to earn passive income through Google AdSense.

Ad blockers is one biggest problems faced by all the bloggers. Who are monetizing their blogs with AdSense. If lot of visitors are having installed ad blockers on their device then you will not be able to display AdSense ads on your blog and your revenue drops..

This problem can be tackle by using fully optimised AdSense theme.

The best theme we recommend for AdSense ads placement and detecting ad blockers is AdSense theme by my theme shop. As you can see theme is specially made for blogs who are monetizing their blogs through Google AdSense that is why the name this name AdSense theme.

Approx 26% of internet users use ad blockers on their browsers. It’s a big loss to bloggers who are monetizing their blogs with contextual advertisements.

AdSense theme by mythemeshop will display notice if it finds ad blocker on your visiter browser it will aask them to disable it.

You can also hide some part of your blog it will be done automatically if ad blocker is present. If user disable ad blocker then they can access your blog content easily. This is one of the most important feature you will be getting from this theme. I will highly recommend you to use this wordpress theme optimize for adsense. If you are planning to use AdSense on your niche website.

We have a special discount for our readers you can click on this affiliate link to buy AdSense theme by mythemeshop.

The links we are using in this blog for products are affiliate links you can buy all from this link at no extra cost for you but we will get small commission which help us to sustain our blogging and help blogosphere.

Learn SEO

SEO is first and foremost thing which you should start learning from the beginning. Start creating search engine optimized articles as this is the only way by which you can increase your organic traffic from search engines.

I have written a blog post on 8 ways to increase organic traffic to wordpress blog. For writing search engine optimized articles.

You have to find less competitive long tail keywords for keyword research. You can use tools like Semrush, longtailpro, KW finder to find low competition keywords. These are very important to rank higher in the search engines and increase organic traffic
You can try semrush for free here.

If you are someone who is established blogger just reading this blog post. Then you can try longtailpro for finding keywords and it’s worth paying for.
If you are someone who is looking for only free tools then you can definitely use Google keyword planner which is there in Google AdWords you can sign up for free and start using.

One such tool developed by Neil Patel ubersuggest. It’s free to use you can use that too.

After writing approx 25 articles, if your blog is 2 months old you can apply for Google AdSense click here to apply.

Work on to get some traffic now

You have to increase traffic on a blog because this is the only thing which help you to earn money, if you are writing high quality articles and doing everything for your blog. But not getting enough traffic then you are not going to earn anything from your blog. You have to start to learn the techniques to increase traffic to your blog.

Please refer the articles written by us 8 ways to increase organic traffic.

You should start sharing your articles on all the social media platforms like Facebook Twitter. This will increase your domain authority and trust factor as well and even you will rank higher in search engines.

You should also have to start creating backlinks for your newly created blog. This will help you to get some free traffic as well.

Bottom line

It is always a hectic to create a new blog. Sometimes it can be time consuming as well but if you have completed everything and followed all the steps written in this blog post. You are going to earn that much that you can leave your current job and take blogging as a full time career. This blog post will help you to start a niche blog efficiently.
Feel free to comment if you have any questions I will be happy to help you.