Do you know why we use code snippet plugins? It actually saves both the readers and the developer’s time as with the help of syntax highlighter plugins. Also, we can easily differentiate codes or text from a page without wasting a lot of time I mean in a single glance. So it’s viable to say that it increases the readability and context of a text.

Moreover, these syntax highlighter plugins help a programmer/developer to write the correct codes and avoid errors. Research shows the syntax highlighter system helps the programmers to complete a complex program within a short time.

There are many syntax highlighter plugins/code snippet plugins available on the web, but I here at WPTechian will only let you know the best and recently updated plugins here. You may already have known many code snippet plugins, but the question is have you checked all of those are up-to-date or not? Let’s go through the list of these.

9 Best Free Syntax Highlighter plugins For WordPress blog

Free Syntax Highlighter plugins For WordPress (Code Snippet Plugins)

1. Simple Custom CSS

People, who love to play with codes, will be going to definitely like the Simple Custom CSS plugin. Anyway, If you use this WordPress syntax color plugin, you will be able to add any custom CSS to the theme or plugin directories. So, you can use syntax highlighter code for your site using this plugin. Also, you have got an advantage to check the code error and fix it, as this plugin offers the option for you to fix such type of situations.

The popularity of this plugin is increasing day by day, you can see its humongous downloads. there is the availability of easy customization options for the users to optimize thing easily. Also, it has the WordPress user interface available and one of the best and active plugins supports if we compare it with other plugins. So, if you are not able to something or i would say if users stuck on any point, their customer support is there for such issues, they will help you to fix the issues. Don’t worry this plugin has been maintained very efficiently.

2. Prismatic

Prismatic justifies its work what it has to be and prismatic is a complete syntax highlighter plugin based on some popular js scripts. It works seamlessly with all other WordPress plugins. I would say that this one is full of features, themes and supported coding languages. It will help you to arrange any code blocks of your website in a user-friendly manner. This syntax highlighter plugin for WordPress supports almost 41 coding languages and eight different themes. Also, it will give you the opportunity to show code block inside the contents, comments and post excerpts.

3. Syntax Highlighter For Theme/ Plugin Editor

It is well-known that with the help of WordPress theme editor and the plugin editor you easily can make some custom changes according to you to the theme or plugin files. In this scenario, the “Syntax Highlighter For Theme/ Plugin Editor” will help you a lot to customize your theme and plugin. This WordPress plugin works by changing the default theme and plugin source code with a powerful editor that contains the CodeMirror library. Other than that, with the help of the source code editor option, you can check and fix the syntax errors or other code errors.

You have not to work very hard or don’t have to face any difficulty to install the plugin. All you need to do is, install the plugin and check the “make it enable” option. After that, you will be able to use it. Also, this plugin provides you full control over the editor, and you can easily configure the edit option from the setting page. The developer of this plugin gives you 36 different color schemes for using on the code editor.

4. WP-GeSHi-Highlight — mobile-friendly syntax highlighter for 257 languages

WP-GeSHi-Highlight is a bit new if we look at others but one of the best WordPress syntax highlighter plugins. The best reason I can figure out is, it is loaded with full of features. It can process most of the coding languages (257). For this reason, developers love to use this plugin for their web development related blog. Solely because of many language support.

Also, this high performing simple plugin used to send only one extra HTTP request which will make your website faster and mobile friendly. There will be an easy admin User Interface to use the plugin as per your demand. Like, syntax highlighting theme for the different languages, You can show or hide line numbers from your code blocks, Grabbing shortcodes, etc. Finally, if any issue occurred, you can get support from the plugin developers for free what else you need.

5. My Syntax Highlighter

My Syntax Highlighter is one of the latest WordPress syntax highlighter plugins to correct the coding part of your blog. As a WordPress user, it’s well known that plugins may conflict’s with each another. Therefore we should choose the flexible and compatible plugins for blogs out there. In that case, you can use My Syntax Highlighter without any hesitation. This is a very lightweight WordPress plugin that comes with many features. Installing and using this plugin is very simple. Also, the plugin is shortcode supported. Among many features, it is highly secure and freshly coded, supported by all modern browsers, multi-language supported and more.

If you need different styles to show source codes. Then this is for you, the developer of this plugin has provided different themes. You can choose your desired one among them, and that will help to improve your blog’s readability ofcourse.

6. Code Prettify

It is one of the very simple elegant and most popular WordPress syntax highlighter plugin among all. It is indeed a very lightweight plugin which makes it more popular. You will get a clear idea by watching the download ratio of this fantastic syntax highlighter. I can’t say this one is full of features, but you will get everything to beautify the code blocks of your website.

Managing code blocks is genuinely very easy by using this plugin because it automatically targets all code and pre tag of the blog. Therefore, your workload will be decreased to arrange, manage and show code blocks on your blog.

7. Enlighter – Customizable Syntax Highlighter

Enlighter is one of the popular WordPress syntax highlighter plugins you can use. More than ten thousand people are using this plugin thats huge i mean , It has very good stars rating with it so it justifies with popularity. If we take a look at the features, we will see this one is simple to use and lightweight. This plugin supports most of the the popular languages.

Also, you will get a separate admin panel to manage the syntax highlighting part of our blog and you will get a live preview too. Moreover, you will find no tough coding. This plugin uses a simple CSS code to generate some eye-catching themes. Even, you don’t need to have any CSS knowledge to customize the theme its that enough though. Finally, I will say it can be the most beautiful solution to highlight code on your blog.

8. HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

This syntax highlighter plugin for WordPress supports shortcodes. Will work great for customizing your WordPress theme and plugin. Mainly, if you are a WordPress developer, you can avoid many big coding mistakes easily by using it. We can see some other exciting features of this plugin like Using Ctrl+S to save posts/pages, auto restoration of cursor position after reloading the page, Fullscreen mode, etc.

9. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved is not a new WordPress syntax highlighter. You may have had a glance the plugin before. It is one of the most popular syntax highlighter plugins you can download because of its simplicity. You will not get confused with a lot of unwanted features like many other plugins have.

You can configure this with a few clicks, and it will automatically detect the code blocks on your blog. Also, you will get a few themes and settings to configure the plugin to work correctly on your website. Therefore, you can give a try.

Do You Know Any Other WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugin?

Now, you have got the best 9 And Free syntax highlighter plugins list. I have listed all the plugins based on the most download numbers and recent updates. If you compare my list with others, then you will find lot differences. Hope that you have liked reading this post. If you see my listing helpful, please don’t forget to share it. Also, you can share your experience or any other plugins that I have missed out. I will add it to my list. Please feel free to comment.