As we all know the email campaign is the first and foremost step to building a trust factor with your customers/recipients/readers of your WordPress blog. For this, it is always easier to, know your audience and creating relevant content for them if you take email marketing seriously at first space.

You should always note down the points before you are going to create any email marketing campaigns or using email marketing services.

  • Your target readers of blog/audience/potential consumers.
  • What are they interested in (If you know this you can create a successful email marketing campaigns)
  • What would prompt or stimulate them to engage with your brand and moreover blog whatever you want?

If you understand what you are doing? and what are email marketing software, email marketing services, email marketing templates, email marketing platforms, email marketing? Then you can proceed to the next step, which is most crucial before starting any email marketing campaigns.

Next is choosing the right email marketing tool. There are various solutions for email marketing available in the market. Each solution has its own set of pros and cons. So, you will have to pick an email marketing service that suits your needs. Don’t ever negate the fact, One of the most popular forms of marketing has been Email Marketing.

Captivating emails that attract the attention of the recipient in their inbox and gets them to convert to your services or subscriber for your blog maybe is one of the most potent tools in the game. Finding a good email marketing strategy is crucial for the success of any brand in today’s world.


A good email campaign is known to creating personalized and relevant emails that will be useful to the recipients to open your emails, read, and perform an action [like redirecting to a landing page (Shop page), filling up a form, signing up for trial versions, etc.).

Challenges you may encounter while starting email marketing campaigns:

  1. High email open rates and click-throughs, but no boost in sales. Yes, definitely this can happen a lot of times.
  2. High sign up rates but unsubscribe rates Vice-versa.
  3. High email open rates but low click-through rates
  4. High bounce rate during email marketing campaigns.
  5. High website traffic/views but low signups (Sometimes it can happen too)
  6. Stagnant or low response rates
  7. Subscribers leaving after the release of the first email marketing series.
  8. High unsubscribe rate and less email open rates
  9. A noticeable down in email open rates.

Don’t worry there are solutions for such challenges while you start email marketing

Sendinblue is an email marketing tool for online content creators like bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, business coaches, YouTubers, marketers, writers, course creators, consultants, freelancers, authors, coaches, musicians, photographers, and startups, or for brand awareness, product information or sales.

The only email marketing tool that can fulfill your email marketing campaigns, transactional emails and Even SMSes with such an amazing email marketing automation tool, platform. 

You do not have to use multiple for your digital marketing campaigns. You can automate your marketing very easily. With the help of a complete package in email marketing of any type which is  SendInBlue.

We here at WPTechian have been using SendInBlue for a long time now and I am very much satisfied using it.

The important reasons why I am using SendInBlue are:

Very flexible:

  1. SendInBlue has got a free plan. Its free plan allows you to send 300 emails per day and you can store unlimited contacts. You cannot find such a free email marketing package with such an offer, with any email software out there in the market available today. Even we can assure you such features such as bulk mails are in paid plans in most of the popular email marketing services and tools. That’s why it is a must-have email marketing tool for any blogger and marketer. Click here to start email marketing for 100% free.
  2. Creating Automation: Creating autoresponders and newsletter series was never easier before. You can’t expect a free package to offer such amazing automation features. But, SendInBlue does.

It is one of the best value for money email marketing software. Try the free plan with 9000 emails per month.

When you are just starting or at the beginning of a blogging career or learning digital marketing, you will find a tough time to find the right email marketing service. No email marketing service is completely free (and you just have to use these services). And the ones which offer email marketing completely free (like open-source) lacks many advanced features

SendInBlue is one such email marketing service, which I found suitable in almost every way which is necessary for my blogs and right now, I am using it for WPTechian and other group blogs.

Let’s start with the SendInBlue review (email marketing tool).

What important aspects to see in this sendinblue review.

  1. Features of SendInBlue?
  2. How to create a Free account at SendInBlue?
  3. How to validate your account at SendInBlue?
  4. Features to be improved at SendInBlue?

What are the features of SendInBlue?

SendInBlue has some attractive and useful features like Drag and Drop Email Designer, Segmenting contacts, advanced Campaign analysis, transactional reporting, etc.

Email Designer:
SendInBlue has easy to use Drag and Drop email designers. Thus, Gone are those days. you don’t need to be an HTML expert to design colorful and attractive email designs for your digital marketing campaigns.

Also, any day you can preview your email designs created by you on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and desktop to make sure that your email design is responsive. And how they are looking at small screens. As these days mobile users have been increasing very fast. But don’t worry even if you are using Sendinblue free plan which is more than enough for a medium-sized blogger. You are assured of getting beautiful emails on any device.

Anyway if you find yourself lazy enough to design email according to your necessity, you can always choose one from the best email templates that are already available.

Other than that, you can create new templates and use them and use then in your coming email campaigns.

We know maintaining a huge list of email addresses is not an easy task to start with. But You should not worry about that, As SendInBlue, will help you to ease it, with its smart services. Its advanced search and segmenting option will help you sort the contacts easily from bulky lists.

These lists will always update automatically, you don’t have to these tasks manually.

The best feature in SendInBlue which we linke most is that they allow unlimited contacts and contacts data regardless of whatever plan you are using. And this feature is available as paid in all other email marketing tools. Or having a restricted number of contacts. Another reason for signing up for free.

SendInBlue contact forms

You need beautiful and conservative forms to collect leads or sending your potential customers to landing pages. For this, you can create attractive forms with SendInBlue that will help you capture leads and grow your email lists.

Campaign Reports:

SendInBlue has the most complex yet understandable campaign reporting system that will help you analyze your campaign performance and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

With the help of these reports given in your sendinblue account reporting system, you can understand many things like, what your readers love, what they don’t like, which links they will click when they unsubscribe, etc. And use easy and most conservative calls to actions.

You will be able to see SendInBlue real time results as well.
The reporting system is just not limited to the features we have given above but above those in many respects. These reports are in real-time, which most of the email marketing services lack today. You can also export/download these reports as PDF and CSV.

SendInBlue’s engagement map is another feature that we like here at WPTechian. Watching these reports in tabular forms become older, boring and is not fascinated more.
These maps will offer you the best geographic insights. The clickers engagement map will help you identify, geographic interest on your links. Thus helping you to increase your sales.

Marketing Automation:

With this email marketing automation feature, you can decide actions based on users, like when you want to send transactional messages, birthday wishes, or any seasonal offers, etc.

You can choose the workflow for your automation, create unlimited variables and reach your audience at the right time with email or SMS.

By creating proper automation funnels, you can boost your Business or blog revenue.

Transactional Messaging:

As we have mentioned in the above point, you can send transactional emails / SMS. You can easily connect SMTP servers with your SendInBlue free account. Their flexible APIs will help you create custom and dynamic messages in case if you need that too.


One of the biggest fears with many marketers is if their emails reach their audience or not when it comes to email marketing. Even if they reach, the issue is, whether those emails reach mail inbox or spam folder.

When you send repetitive emails, most of the times people mark your promotional emails as spam. Thus your trust factor gets spoiled. By reputation I mean the server and IP address from which you send the mail gets marked as spam. On their email provider.

SendInBlue offers you shared & Dedicated IP options at a flexible price/very low price.

You can use some tools which are available at SendInBlue to monitor your IP address reputation. You can take the help of security protocols like SPK, DKIM and DMARC and a dedicated IP address to securely sign emails. This will give you complete control of the IP address reputation. And your mails will always deliver in the inbox.

Integrations & API:

There are a lot of platforms available online that can be connected with SendInBlue, like WordPress CMS, Facebook, Google Analytics, OptinMonster, etc.

Customer Support:
One another point of discussion when choosing the right marketing tool is customer support. As for how good the product is but you will always need customer support. In this department too. SendInBlue has very good customer support.

They don’t have a live chat feature, but still got a clear reply with proper instructions. add this in cons

SendInBlue Pricing:
Here sendin blue is king, You can always use a free plan before subscribing to new paid. You can check the pricing of Email packages available at SendInBlue.

You can check the comparison of these various features here.

How to Signup for SendInBlue?
To sign up for the SendInBlue, just follow these simple self-explanatory steps.

Step 1: Visit, Click here to SendInBlue Homepage. And click on the “Signup for Free” button.

Step 2: In the SendInBlue Registration page, Enter your details which are needed by Sendinblue like Company Name, Email Address, and Password. If you don’t have a company, just enter your name in place of a Company name. And then click the “Get Started” button.

Step 3: Now, you will have to verify your SendInBlue account. You would have received a confirmation email to the Email address you mentioned in the form.

Open the Confirmation Email and click “Confirm my Email Address“. As simple as it can be.

Now, after verifying an email you get access to SendInBlue Dashboard. You should complete your profile in the first place.

Do not worry about the account validation notification you see on the header. Your account will be successfully validated once you send an Email campaign.

To be able to send an Email Campaign, you should first create an email list and add your email subscribers to your email list. Then it will be easily used.

How to create an Email List in SendInBlue?

If you want to create an email list for your campaign then you have to, go to the Campaigns and choose Lists menu visible in your Sidebar. Here you will find the Email Lists available for your account. Click “Add a new List“. To create a new list.

Enter the name of your List and then choose the way you want to add your Email subscribers. You can either Import your email subscribers from a .CSV or .TXT file or add a contact manually or copy and paste all email address at once.

With the help of this article, I will teach you how you can add Email subscribers by importing a file. Click on “Import Files“.

In the pop-up Import Files window, click “Choose File” to upload your .csv or .txt file. select the email list for which you want to import and then click “Import“.

SendInBlue has got an Opt-in Agreement that the email subscribers you import should have explicitly given you permission to send them emails. That means that you should not buy email addresses from third parties. Rather, you should allow them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Make sure you have ticked the checkbox and then click “Confirm“. That is necessary.

Now, you will have to map the data in your file to the database attributes.

Match your columns with the relevant field and then click “Save“. That’s it. You have successfully imported your email list to SendInBlue.

The next step to validate your account is to send an Email Campaign.

How to send an Email Campaign in SendInBlue?

To creating a new Email Campaign, go to the Campaigns section and choose My Campaigns menu and to click “Create an Email Campaign“.

In the next window, enter the name of the Campaign and give an attractive subject line for your email.

Also, choose the From Email and Edit the From Name. The From Name is the Sender Name that your audience will see in their inbox. Once, you have entered these details, click the Next step.

Designing Email Campaign:
As it is viable your email should look beautiful enough to attract possible customers. In the next step, thus design part is one of the important part in the series of these steps we are talking about here in this tutorial.

You can use their user-friendly Drop & Drop Editor or Rich Text Editor or even you can simply paste your HTML code if you have any.

For this sendinblue guide, I will show how you can use the Drag and Drop Editor for creating beautiful emails.

The Drag and Drop Builder comes with templates to cut down your time on creating campaigns. Choose the one which you feel relevant. In case if you don’t like any of these templates, go on with the default one. Or you can create your own according to your needs.

You can see in the Editor window, the left side is where you can find all the elements to add. The middle area is your actual email campaign where you have to add the main content which you want to promote. And the right side is where you edit the contents of each element.

Once you have done with this, click “Save and Quit“.

In the next window, you can preview what you have created. If you feel, you need to make any changes, edit the email design again. Once, you are satisfied with the design of your campaign, click “Next Step“.

Scheduling Email Campaign:

Next, you have to choose your audience or list which we have made before on the previous part of the tutorial, who will receive this email. Choose the email list, apply any filters if you need, update the recipient count and then click “Next Step“.

In this window, you can cross check everything and then click “Schedule“.

In the popup you get, you can choose whether you want to send this campaign now, or you want to choose the time when you want the campaign to be sent.

And you decide the time, click “Confirm“.

Since your SendInBlue account has not been validated yet, the first campaign will be sent only after the approval from SendInBlue Review Team. Once, you have successfully cleared the review, you won’t face this waiting time again. This is just a verification process.

That’s how you create a Campaign in SendInBlue.

Here is a sample newsletter that I have created with SendInBlue.

My Experience with SendInBlue:

As I mentioned earlier, I found SendInBlue’s pricing and features very much comfortable. I am able to reuse my templates, time-saving.

They have an easy list management system. Everything can be tracked swiftly without any problem. I am able to track instantly who opened, who clicked. Also, the system segregated the blacklist contacts instantly on the first campaign itself. What else you need a buddy.

I have connected mine subscribe proform with SendInBlue so that all emails collected through my subscribe pro will directly go into my SendInBlue list.

I am very convinced to recommend this to wptechians and bloggers.

Features to be improved in SendInBlue:

As far as I am concern the user interface can be improved bit as it can be tough to be used to if you are new to marketing.

Gist of SendInBlue Review

SendInBlue is an introduction to advanced email marketing for beginners. with flexible pricing and easy-to-use list management tools.

Join SendInBlue for free!
Wrapping Up:
So, if you are a beginner and interested in exploring more automation features, SendInBlue is the right choice.

Which email marketing tool do you use? Or your liking? Let me know in the comments section