Ok let me tell you, you have to research the topic from various resources and take note of points. Which you will be covering in your blog post then you will study about those particular points. Which you have noted down then you will start working on those points right. Let’s understand what is content theft and how you can prevent wordpress blog from content theft.

This much effort is needed to create a blog post. No, No, you are still not done. After writing a post now you will optimize it for your viewers and even for search engines. Then only you will hit a publish button. So that you will work on to promoting that article for your blog this will help you to market it properly

But the point is how would you feel if someone comes and just copy your post from your blog and simply post your hard written blog post to his or her blog. You worked hard you had done time consuming research to frame that post but somebody else is harnessing benefits out there. Here at our blog i would like to share how to Prevent wordpress blog from content theft.

That is why it really becomes very important to protect your content from content theft. Sometimes it can hamper your rankings to in searches.There are lot many ways to tackle such type of problems like you can approach according to the DMCA and work accordingly and apart from this.

you can also approach search engines and let them know about the case of content theft. You can request them to remove these infringing websites but it’s a very long and time consuming approach.
It’s recommended to sit tight and take care of issues like content theft.

Techniques to protect wordpress blog from content theft

1. Protect image copyright

If you are someone whose blog post are image dense you like to put lot of media in your articles. It might be true that you have created images yourself, you got them from I stock images. Then you should consider some points to protect these images on wordpress blog. And if you are photographer who post his creativity to your blog then it becomes mandatory

How to Prevent wordpress blog from content theft

There are lot many image editing softwares are available for free you can easily edit your images and place watermark or name of your blog at the corner of the image. Tell if someone is using your image with giving you a credit then it’s not actually an issue in that case you are earning a link that will increase your backlink profile.

2. Display copyright notice

This should be the first step towards protecting your content from thieves. For this you simply easily can display a copyright notice to your blog or you can place this notice in the sidebar which is visible. It will certainly not protect you directly but at least some of the content thieves some moral emotions are involved in this. And such type of notice will be acting as copyright reminder for any content theft case.You can place such copyright notice below every post it will be nice reminder.

3. You can licence your content

You can monetize your site as well in a way that you can provide republishing rights to the person. Who really wants to and can buy it from you.
For this simply you put notice on your site that if you want to republish this content then you can contact us and change the rights.

4. Disabling copy on your content

It is a recommended method if you really want to protect your content against content theft in WordPress. Then you can use a plugin WP copy protect which will disable the right click of the mouse and keyboard combinations like ctrl+c, ctrl+v. This is definitely going to help you in protecting your content from content copycats.

Do let us know which method you use for your blog. Or if you feel we should add something to this article. Which can make it more comprehensive. We would love to hear from you.