Do you think you are using the best possible, Most SEO friendly permalink structure in your wordpress blog.
Read on this blog post, will tell you why permalink structure is one of the most important factor considered by Google when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ranking factors of your blog.

Do you know which is the best permalink structure in WordPress blog which will increase your SEO. Confused let me tell you.

If you are not using correct form of permalinks on your blog then. I will show you how to change permalink in WordPress blog without a single broken link.
We will discuss about most of the things related to WordPress permalink, like which permalink structure is good for Search engine optimization and how should you set up, most SEO friendly permalink structure for your blog.

Most of you might be wanted to change your permalink structure if you are newbie then it’s alright but if your blog has been for a long time. Then it’s really a big problem but no worries I will try to cover this and tell you best way to do it safely. And which will not be detrimental for your search engine rankings.
It’s not like usual settings which you more often change weekly or monthly. But I would advise you to not change this frequently.
Let’s begin with…

What is permalink structure in WordPress blog

SEO Friendly Permalink Structure

It is permanent and unique URL (unified resource locator) of any website or blog

It is permanent and unique URL (unified resource locator) of any website or blog. You can refer them as web address of a particular page or website. For example, The permalink structure of this blog is 

As name suggest it’s a mixture of two words permanent and link. It’s very much understandable you can call them permalink.

Here is how WordPress permalink structure looks

The above given link is the default setting of a WordPress dashboard. Where you can see the numbers in this permalink structure. That is not search engine friendly link and even user friendly.
There are 6 different types of permalink settings in your WordPress dashboard and even there is a option to choose custom permalink structure according to your wish.
You can navigate to this settings by WordPress- setting-permalink you can refer the attached image here

WordPress- setting-permalink,
Most SEO Friendly Permalink Structure in WordPress Blog

Why SEO friendly permalink structure is important for your blog?

Do I need to elaborate on the importance of SEO. As we all know that more than 80% of traffic driven by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and duckduckgo.

Yes there are niche websites or blog which are dependent on social media. Apart from that SEO is very important for any blog which we cannot afford to neglect.

Whenever search engine bot crawl your site SEO friendly permalink structure help them to understand the possible topic. And the keywords of that particular blog post.
You will be given high priority by search engines if your permalink structure, URL is clean. And easily readable then definitely you will rank higher in SERPS.

What is best permalink structure in WordPress blog for SEO

Your permalink structure should be easy and simple. It will help your users to remember and help search engine crawlers to crawl then better.
You can use keyword and blog post name to your permalink as it would be easy to remember for your users and help search engine crawlers to index your site properly and put you higher in SERPS.
The recommended permalink structure by most of the popular SEO plugins out there no matter what you use

If your blog is about news then you have to follow Google guidelines. According to them you have to include unique page ID to your links like

domain/article-unique number

Permalinks which are advised for news specially you should not use for a blog.
You should not include date and time in your permalink because you cannot justify with the latest trends as such type of structure would become obsolete after a time. And definitely you have to walk along with the trend and be fresh to blogging. If you have site which covers news articles then it would be fine

How to change permalinks in WordPress

If you are new to blogging simply go to settings and find the permalink then you can use available tags according to your blog. If you want to change your permalink structure, you have been writing for a while and there is number of articles to your kitty then you don’t have to change it that way I am coming on that be with me and you can skip this step for now.

These are available tags for your permalinks to customize.


paste all the values in the box

You can decide on the structure you want then paste all the values in the box provided and click on save button, WordPress will generate a .htaccess file on behalf of you to the root directory.

How to change permalinks in wordpress without broken links

As it happens when we start blogging then we are not aware of all these technicalities but no problem if you have been writing for a while. And you want to change your permalink structure its ok will do that too without 404 errors. We have discussed already it’s a unique permalink you cannot change often but as of now if you want to change we have to direct your previous permalinks to the new.

It can be done by 301 redirection this way you can change without any 404 errors. You can make these changes in two ways

  • You can install a plugin name simple 301 redirects by Scott Nelle which will take care of everything out of the box. It will help you to redirect your old permalink to new permalink. It’s quite of a simple offering just need to enter your old values and new values. You can also try rank math SEO plugin by mythemeshop which will take care of this redirection part.
  • If you are a bit of tech savvy then you can use the best tool by yoast after putting your values. You will be given a code you have to place this code in your htaccess file you are done
Yoast redirection tool,most seo friendly permalink structure
Yoast redirection tool

Pros of changing permalink in wordpress from default

Your new links will be easy and simple to use definitely it will be most SEO friendly permalink structure in wordpress which will be helpful for your visitors and understand what’s the page about . We here at WPTechian will recommend you to use the permalink structure for seo benefits but don’t keep on changing again and again.

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