In this progressive technology times we have to walk along with changing technosphere. We all are into using gadgets, laptop, computers and all the possible technologies.
If you have to walk hand in hand then wordpress website has to be updated same like all others softwares, operating systems used to be updated. We will be answering question most of us newbies worry about “how to update wordpress blog”

It is always advisable to update your wordpress blog to make it more compatible with theme architectures and there on different plugins you are using on your wordpress blog. 

The way to update wordpress blog is very simple but you have to keep in mind something before you proceed to update your core WordPress.

Things to remember before you update WordPress blog

1.You should always update your themes, plugins and theme frameworks

As if you have purchased themes and plugins from big companies out there in the industry. Then they will always upgrade their products in time. There will be no compatibility issues with WordPress CMS, if you update your plugins and themes.

It’s very simple to update your themes and plugins in WordPress dashboard simply go to dashboard then update you can see all the available updates for your blog.

Dashboard > Updates

2. Turn off cache plugin if you are using one

Never forget to turn off cache plugin if you are using any. By the way it is highly recommended you should use one like w3 total cache and WP super cache. These are good free plugins available if you like to use plugin with best features and premium catching capabilities then we will recommend WP rocket cache, you can sign up with our discount.
Disabling your cache plugin will not interfere with the updating software. Sometimes it’s possible to interfere with the updation as it might cache those.

3. Backup your wordpress blog

Never ever forget to take a backup of your blog before any big CMS update or if you are changing any code like HTML and CSS (stylesheet).

You will be safe, if any day something goes wrong with your blog you can restore your website with the help of backup taken.
It’s not an issue to take backup of your wordpress blog as there are lot many free plugins there which you can use to take backup of your web website. But it’s not a full proof method. I would suggest you to have a hosting plan in which they provide a backup.

We had a bad experience with hostgator services on another blog. Somehow my site was not working and for my surprise they charged us $29 for restoring all website. Like there all many hosting services available in fact very cheap they always used to take backup of your blog for this my hands on goes to hostinger they have a very cheap and best plans with weekly backup.

How to update wordpress blog

Things to remember before you update WordPress blog,
how to update wordpress blog,,
  • Update wordpress through dashboard

Now it’s time to update your wordpress blog as we have deactivated the cache plugin and taken backup of our blog.
Simply go to dashboard then update section and you can find the available updates. you can figure out if wordpress update is available. Then click on please update now.

Dashboard > Updates

Sometimes new version of wordpress is available but you are not able to notice that in the list of available updates then simply click on check again. The list will be refreshed now you can see the available updates. Now click on the update now as we have seen earlier.
Your update is started wait for when it is complete. After the update process you can check your blog if everything works smoothly.

  • Update wordpress manually

You can update WordPress manually by FTP or through your hosting dashboard.
But before starting to update your wordpress you should go through all the necessary points. Which are above mentioned has to be done before update
Download from here the latest version of wordpress CMS.
Unzip the folder on your PC and find the folder name WordPress.

Now deactivate all the plugins on your wordpress blog. No worries they will be there not removed.
Now connect to your blog through FTP. Overwrite all the folders other than those of wp-content and WP config.php do not delete any folder.

Now open the wp-content folder which you have freshly downloaded. You can upload the files to wp-content folder on your host and overwrite files which have updated and but do not touch themes and plugins folder.
After updating your WordPress refresh your blog and notice everything was fine.

  • Automatic wordpress updates

After wordpress version 3.7 automatic update of minor changes have been added by wordpress you don’t need to update though.
Some host can update your wordpress of all changes automatically like hostinger.

If you have any problem updating your wordpress blog do let us know.