A blog pings all the pinging services which we have entered into our settings and especially with WordPress. 

With trackback feature of WordPress, we can trackback when anyone links to a blog from there’s and similarly when you link to some other blog within a post of yours it sends it trackback.

And we usually link to an authority site or news and this is a good feature to show trackback from other blogs. But showing your own blog post in trackback doesn’t make any sense. And every time deleting your trackback will increase your manual work. But no worries here at Wptechian we came with another useful plugin for our readers to reduce manual work on their respective blogs Here is how to stop sending trackback within a domain or moreover, we call that no self ping.

trackback within domain  self ping

So to solve this issue sending trackback within domain, you can add one more plugin which is no self ping plugin.

No self ping plugin will stop you from pinging your own blog. This plugin once installed comes with no configuration option and it will stop your blog from sending trackback to your own domain. You even don’t have to set it up it comes pre-configured. And very much easy to use.

Click here to download the plugin…

I just hope this no selfping plugin will help your problem. If you use any of the other methods to stop sending trackbacks to your own blog do let us know in the comment section.