If you have been working on your blog for some time now. Then you might have customized everything according to you like themes and other visual components. Have you ever considered to customize wordpress blog login page. If yes then it’s a nice decision, if no then read on. Especially if your visitors are required to login to your blog then they come across your login page.

Then I will recommend you to customize login page of your blog according to the theme and the area of interest of your wordpress blog.

It will help you establish as a brand and it will be one of the best marketing techniques you can think of.
It will help you too if you have a multi author blog many writers would be facing that login page when filling up credentials. And if you have enabled registration on your blog then definitely follow on this guide “How to customize wordpress blog login page” which suits your business.

There are lot many free and premium plugins available, you can use any of them according to your needs. I have shortlisted 6 amazing login customizer plugins which will help you to customize wordpress login page.

6 Best Plugins to customize wordpress blog login page

Plugins to customize wordpress
customize wordpress blog login page

Admin Custom Login wordpress plugin

This plugin by weblizar indeed one of the best in the list. According to them almost every element on login page is customizable and you will be able to create custom login page on a wordpress blog easily.

This plugin allow user to change image, background, colours and even you can upload images with the transition effects. You can add your logo which will increase presence of a blog as well. You just need to install this plugin from WordPress you are good to go.

They have a premium version too but most of us don’t need paid version, I think you will be fine with free version. There are most of the useful features in free plugin. If you are someone who is managing big business then you can go for their premium plugin but as I told you. You will be fine with free version.
The thing which I like most is you can add custom social icons to your customized wordpress login page. You can buy all premium products from Weblizar in only $199 It’s a deal.

Admin Custom Login wordpress page
wordpress blog login page

Custom Login | Login page Styler

It’s very smooth and easy to use plugin when it’s about customizing wordpress login page. It’s one of the best rated plugins among its competitors. You can show your full creativity here and build a appealing login page on your wordpress blog.

But you cannot add background images like discussed above in plugin. You have to buy pro version to remove all these restrictions.

Custom login customizer

This is the best option and we recommend you to use this. This is built by leading developers of themeisle. We have already seen amazing things from them. When it comes to custom login customizer, free plugin is more than sufficient but if you want many features then you can go for premium version too. I can suggest you to buy there cheap package which involves all the themes and plugins that’s really a deal. you can get their full collection of all the themes and plugins for only $105.

Colorlib login customizer

It is very much easy to customize, I would say easiest to use in this list, most versatile plugin. That allow us to customize login page on wordpress blog and the most important part is its free with all the features you get in premium plugins. You can use this plugin in WordPress customizer and can see while editing page and design your page accordingly.

Memphis custom login

Another find plugin which lets you change background and text font type and font size, customize all these things according to your niche which suits you more.

BM custom login

It’s a very unique plugin which can help you to customize wordpress blog login page through adding background image URL and wordpress footer text.

We have tried and tested all the mentioned plugin in this article. I would like to recommend you plugin by colorlib and themeisle themes. They will work out of the box you don’t need much customization in these plugins.

To wrap up this article I will highly recommend you to use one of these. As it will increase your trust factor of your blog and security as well and if you are owner of multi author blog then definitely it is going to help you.

If you have any suggestion or any other plugins for custom login in your mind do let me know through the comment section below I will be more than happy to add that to my list.