WordPress is best content management system. Which i recommend to everyone out there, as its very much customisable and easy. You can do anything in wordpress according to you, just need to explore it a bit and learn it properly. You can take help of any programmer and theme provider they will be able to help properly regarding this.

There are certain basic things which you should do at yourself. Because they are quite simple but that definitely going to make your site/blog feature rich, seo friendly and other than that it will become user friendly.

This article deals with how to create custom menu in WordPress blog. It is very easy to do but most of us don’t do and they rely on the menus provided with the theme but you should always customise it according to your blog. Your blog’s menus act as path through which your viewers can explore your blog efficiently. Thus it becomes important to create custom menu in wordpress blog for making it easy to go jump in site.

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Custom menus in WordPress blog can contain any custom link, pages, categories or even you can create a homepage and you can assign custom links to all the menus easily. This guide will show you how to create custom menu in WordPress blog easily.
You can create multiple menus like headers, footers and different categories menu as well.

How to create custom menu in WordPress blog easily

Start with wordpress dashboard you have to find section appearance which is there in the left panel of your dashboard. Now click on this

Dashboard > Appearance > Menus

You will be guided to menu editor page after clicking on menus in appearance.
Now in menu edit page you can find the place to fill details. Now you can fill your menu name and click on create menu.

How to create custom menu in WordPress blog

Your menu has been created now you have to add sections in your menu which are displayed on the left you can select any one of them like pages, categories, custom.
You can change menu options you have to click and expand the screen options. This way you can add other menu sections such as post as well.

When you have arranged sections in your new custom menus click on save button. Now you have a new customized menu in WordPress and you can place this menu anywhere to your theme.