If you are someone who writes finance blogs maybe you are someone who is maintaining a health website some of the time you have to project your information in visual format and indeed it’s a best format for viewers as well because they get to understand easily and retain the information.

By visuals I mean creating beautiful charts and graphs with the help of these you can simply show the statistics of particular topic for example you can show the study on number of obese people in a particular country like India.

It can be shown easily with the help of various components like age, profession, number of hours of exercise, can we verify the components of a study and it can be shown in a Visually rich way in the form of graphs, pie charts.

Good news is that you don’t have to use complex softwares to add these graphs and charts in your blog post but rather read on this blog I will tell you some amazing plugins to add this functionality on your wordpress blog. And you won’t have to ask this question “How to add charts and graphs in WordPress” Again in future.

Best plugins to add charts or graphs in wordpress blog

How to add charts and graphs in WordPress blog

WP data tables

This plugin has very strong architecture of delivering what it says. Being one of the highest selling among the plugins to create data tables, charts and graphs. Large number of blogs are already using them. Can such a large number of people go wrong? I don’t think so. As we know quality comes with a price tag as of now they don’t have any free plans. They have only premium plugin and it’s worth spending that much to add such a robust feature on your blog.

WP data tables takes minutes to create such beautiful charts, tables and graphs. More importantly you can visualize in real time from your back end.
You can buy it from here you will get unlimited number of updates from the developers.

WP visualizer lite

With the help of this plugin you can embed responsive and visually rich tables and graphs to your wordpress post. It is developed by industry leaders in the business.
Themeisle is always been a Pioneer in creating beautiful themes. We know but they have amazing plugins in their Kitty as well this is one amongst them.

They have a light version of this plugin as well you can use that if you are not into buying or you are just starting out. Later you can definitely upgrade to the premium version. The most beautiful thing here is you can buy business plan through which you can use all the themes and plugins from the developer, it’s a deal.

If you are established blogger and writing blogs for some time now then you should go for premium one. If you are someone who is just starting out can go for lite version.
The most amazing feature I like personally from this plugin is you can import data in the form of CVS and simply use in your post, page.

WordPress charts

wordpress charts

This is an another amazing plugin in the list by web factory limited. This plugin uses HTML5 to create beautiful customiZable charts and graphs like line, bar.
This can be good for you, If you want a free plugin with good number of features. Then you can go for it your work will be done but even though it’s a recommendation from our side if you really need premium features then you have to pay for it and you get what you pay for.

Any day WP data tables is one of best plugins to add charts or graphs in wordpress blog. It is easy to use, user inclined build plugin out there to create datatables.
WordPress charts is a good plugin but with limited features.

Interactive maps charts graphs

It’s not a full plugin but it’s add-on to visual composer. If you are someone who is using visual composer to their blogs then they can definitely use this.
We really like this that’s why we have added here but as I already said it can be used with visual composer.
This is the limitation with this plugin. We felt like adding this as we like that.

You can use any one of them they all are equally good and with varied features.

What do you think about the list do you suggest any other plugin to be added on this guide let us know through comment sections below.
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