Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience and traffic and increase your backlinks and there so many bloggers there who are using it to grow their online revenue and email list. if you are thinking of growing your online presence so make sure to use the power of guest posting to boost your blog exposure. And if you are on wordpress then you can use these must have guest blogging plugins on your wordpress blog.

But before knowing and talking about any plugin first. You need to know how you will be accepting guest post that is via form on your blog or through email and you can have  them directly submitting into your blog by their accounts (I am coming on this briefly)

Account creation process for guest blogging In wordpress

By default you are not allowed to create any kind of account on our wordpress blogs first we need to activate it from wordpress admin panel.

When you click on settings general option you will see a field membership in which you need to select any one can register checkbox. Check below for the reference.

Account creation process for guest blogging In wordpress

You can then decide the role for new users from new user default role dropdown Menu. from there new members can register as

  • Contributors
  • Editor
  • Subscribers
  • Authors or administrators


Are those individuals who Can just manage their profiles. There role will be useful if you want them to update the accounts for guest post submission and that too just by going to their profiles only.


Have the rights to manage their profiles and can submit blog post for review but they don’t have the access or permission to publish them.


Can publish post pages can also manage other people posts. You can say they are helping hands to the site.


Can manage their profiles submit post and they can also publish them. This is very effective on multi author wordpress blog.


Have all the access to all the administrative features in WordPress. Like you are having.
Do i need to mention anything??

Now let’s have a look at the some best guest blogging plugins.

guest blogging plugins

Must have free Guest blogging plugins for wordpress that one must use for their site

1. User submitted posts

This plugin helps to manage all your guest post summation very easily. users can submit post and images or any of the multimedia stuff from the front end of your side. Your guest post submission can also include title, tags, category, author, URL, post and images. Dispersion also include a template tags and customising user summitted posts.

Click here to check the User submitted posts

2. Capacity manager guest post plugin

You can use this plugin to manage and create roles and responsibilities for users at different level of your blog. So by using this plugin you can set the capability for users at subscriber editor contributor author and administrative level.

Click here to check the Capacity manager guest post plugin

3. Peter’s collaboration email plugin

Send automatic notification by email to all the guest bloggers about the guest post status like pending schedule or approvedIt will also notify them about the changing status of guest post.In fact using it as a blog owner notified about new guest post which are submitted to your own blog which are published.

Click here to check the Peter’s collaboration email plugin

4. Sabre plugin

This guest post plugin is basically a simple and keyboard registration engine. Sabre plugin will save you blog from those people who usually uses automatic program or software for user registration and post submission. It has various features like it will allow you to add simple or complex captcha and even maths test at the user registration level.

Click here to check the Sabre plugin

5. HubSpot

This plugin accept edit for publish guest post on your blog just by using the form hosted on your wordpress blog where the guest blogger on user will not need to create any type of accounts on your blog.Customise notification about post submitted and its approval can also be sent on site and via email using this plugin.

Click here to check the Plugin

6. TT guest post submit

This is another very powerful guest posting plugin which lets others guest post on your blog easily it helps them to add images and multimedia without any problems.And using this TT guest post submit users don’t have to login or register to submit a guest article. 

Some great features of this plugin includes caption enabled for protecting the spams, email notification to admin email, shortcut used to display the summation form anywhere.

So this all about 6 best guest blogging plugins which are very useful for guest blogging. If you are already accepting guest post or even thinking of doing so you can consider using any of these carefully and most important thing these all are completely free.

If you know about any of the other guest blogging plugins which you are using, do share it with us in the comment section.