Checking for broken links is perhaps one of big and hefty, tedious work for your blog, particularly if you are running a heavy traffic and large WordPress blog. Yet, if you would like to keep your wordpress blog in in such a amazing state, you need to perform such checks. Fortunately, there are a number of best WordPress plugins to check broken links in wordpress and that definitely do the work easy for you in fixing the broken links in your Wp blog.

If you expected dozens of plugins to check for broken links, you may be disappointed – there aren’t many of them, free or paid. There are a number of specialized ones, however this is often all you would like. While all these plugins check broken links in wordpress, they’re not precisely same of each other.

They do have completely different options, and in numerous ways you may need a unique plugin.

check broken links in wordpress

Broken link checker plugins are very essential SEO audit plugins. For any wordpress blog this plugin helps in removing broken links and fixing the redirections and it is very easy to use when cleaning up your wordpress site. This plugin helps to find all the broken and redirected links and also provide the solution to fix them.

What are broken links In WordPress blog

Well broken links are links which are not linked to an existing page. The links contains 404 error code.

For example if you link to a page on a website but later on that page was removed this causes a broken link so when a visitor follow that link they will get a 404 error page.

This not only impact uses but from the SEO point of view, these deadlines for broken links can have a negative impact on your website as search engine bots (search engine robots) find a broken link they will also get a 404 status code which shows them the page does not exist. 

Such type of issues may arise when there is mishaps with your permalink structures in a nutshell. But these plugins will be able to tackle such issues easily. Mean while you may be interested in reading “Most SEO Friendly Permalink Structure in WordPress Blog

So here we have a wordpress plugins to fix broken links we have.

Best WordPress plugins to check broken links in wordpress and fixing them

  1. Broken Link Checker By  ManageWP

Broken link checker is a most popular free tool for WordPress, Which helps to find all the broken links on a Wp blog as well as redirections of broken links on blog roll.

This WordPress plugin check all the urls of your blog and give the complete report of all the broken and redirected links.

Download and install the plugin, Activate the plugin and you can use it just after installing. Here are important features of Broken Link Checker plugin which are listed below.

Click here to check Broken Link Checker


  • Take care of links in your posts, pages, comments, in whole blog, and custom fields (This is optional you can use it if you need indeed.).
  • Broken Link Checker plugin Detects links easily that don’t work, missing images/ deleted images and somehow left behind links and redirects.
  • Very amazing notification system it will notify you in case.
  • Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional feature).
  • Prevents search engines from following broken links (optional).
  • You can search and filter links by URL, anchor text and so on.
  • Links can be edited directly from the plugin’s page, without manually updating each post.
  • Highly configurable.

2. WP Broken Link Status Checker By Pau Iglesias, SeedPlugins

This plugin is a broken link checker utility plugin in wordpress repository.

You can click to start creating a new scan and configure it, according to you and once a scan is configured,, you can start the crawler from the same scan edit page as per your need.

Unlike all other plugins in the market available to checking broken links in WP. This WP Broken Link Status Checker don’t put much stress on your server side. As to perform such checks plugins need very big data queries. But the developers of this plugin focussed on this issue and taken care of performance impacts. This is reason we are recommending this plugin to be used for the purpose. Any day you are free to use any plugin to check your blog’s broken links and fixing with redirections.

Once started, you can see results inmediately without having to wait for the scan to be completed. You can access to the results page doing a click in the scan name, or clicking the “Show results” link from the scan actions row.

The crawler results page shows all links checked according to the scan configuration, allowing basic filtering options.

Do let us know which WordPress plugin for checking broken links on your wordpress blog. Use Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin to check broken links in wordpress? Do Let us know in the comments.

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