A/B testing is a powerful technique which helps to improve your website with the real data. Chances of guessing weather a design or a post title is the best option for you, you can just simply test it and know the result for sure.

If you want to run A/B test which is also known as split test you need a WordPress A/B testing plugin to help you create a track of your experiments.

So to help you with a right plugin for your needs and create useful A/B test at your site, here is a list of some best WordPress A/B testing plugins which you can use.

4 Best A/B testing plugins for wordpress

Best wordpress A/B testing plugins

1. Nelio A/B testing

Nelio A/B testing is the most preferred used complete A/B testing plugin which you can find for WordPress. Most other plugins you will see will only help you with A/B test your site’s content but nelio A/B testing lets you split test your site practically.

Nelio A/B testing lets you split test different:

  • WordPress themes for CSS styles
  • Widgets
  • Menus

Nelio A/B testing also let you test your content which means that you can split test your post/pages, post titles and woocommerce products.
Unfortunately nelio A/B testing is not free but you can get a free trial to test it out. If you are interested to buy the paid plans it starts at $29 per month.

2. Thrive optimize

This A/B testing plugin is made by thrive themes. Thrive optimize is unique in the sense that it is built on the thrive architect page builder so you need both thrive architect and thrive optimize to run your split test.

This plugin has a very simple well designed interface from which you can easily spin up new test variants which you design with your thrive architect. You can divide your traffic between different tests using percentage and thrive optimize will give you a detailed analytics.

So Thrive optimize has all the most excellent features and interface of any WordPress A/B testing plugin.You can buy thrive optimize plugin which is starting at $67.

3. Google Optimize

This is technically not a plugin but it’s a free A/B testing tool from Google. You cannot create A/B test from inside a WordPress dashboard but you can use the Google optimize cloud interface and then add some code snippets to your WordPress site.

For example you need to build two separate pages in WordPress and then enter those URL in the Google optimize interface then Google optimize will run the test and give you detailed analytics.

I know it is not convenient as something like thrive optimize or nelio AB testing but if you are ok with doing this, Google optimize is probably the most powerful free A/B testing tool that you can find.

4. Simple page tester

This doesn’t offer as many A/B testing options as other plugins do but it does a great job of letting you easily test different types of post/pages content against one another.

This comes with basic free version which is good enough for simple test and also has a premium version which offers more functions costs $59.

As this plugin is very easy to use, after installing it you get a set up new split test button when you edit any of your post or page.

Clicking that button you create your split test by

  • Duplicating the current page and editing it
  • Selecting another page on your site
  • Creating a new blank Page
  • For the premium version you get the access to
  • Shortcodes that let you test specific elements against one another
  • Automatic winner calculator
  • Support for woocommerce and custom post types

So to finally conclude if you want to run simple A/B test for free then simple page tester and Google optimize is a good option to go for but if you are willing to pay for the detailed AB testing possible then Nelio A/B testing is the best plugin as it lets you test your themes widgets menus and more.

Are you using any of these. Let me know in the comment section which testing you are using. For any query do let us know in the comments.