Want to write error free articles for your blog, Well it’s not that easy. Be with me, I will tell you, how you can proofread your articles with automation with best proofreading tools.

You may be born talented fine writer all to be precise you are one of those, who are blessed with good writing skills. Even though you are not able to excel in the field due to various silly mistakes occur in our writings.

Not to worry we have solution of this, After reading this article you will be able to proofread your written blogs in just click which is as simple as that.
Here at WPTechian we are going to tell you best proofreading tools free of cost. Which you can use on your wordpress blog for error free writing.

Best proofreading tools

Best proofreading tools

Most important part is these all proofreading tools for wordpress are absolutely free to use. You can simply sign up and start using, but in future if you need some Pro features then you can sign up there professional plans too. But as of now we recommend you to start with proofreading tools free plans.

1. Grammarly

This is one of those amazing online proofreading tools which you can use anywhere on the web. While writing any text ranges from writing emails to any social media post or our main concern definitely proofreading for wordpress.

You just simply have to install chrome extension of Grammarly toolbar in your Chrome browser. The moment you install it will start checking any text you write on the web and suggest you errors in the text you have written. While clicking on the suggestion it will show you the correct formation of sentences or any type of error in the sentence in your blog.

Its combined package for any person most importantly any blogger. Which is highly recommended tool we all should use for various reasons like various features of Grammarly from proofreading to plagiarism checking tool. It has everything which you need.

It’s very much free to use you can sign up from here and start using. If in case you need more premium features then you can upgrade your plan.

2. Ginger software

Another proofreading tool of this list is Ginger software. Which is equally good to grammarly which we have discussed above, in addition to that Ginger software has beta features, which are there in premium. It’s one of the most comprehensive tools we have seen.

It can point out your mistakes which other tools cannot, if you are someone who has big number of articles on the blogs then you can definitely install Ginger software to your browser and check all the previous written articles. you will be surprised to see the mistakes you already have made in those articles. Definitely it will enhance your blog and make it more user friendly.
You can sign up here for their free account.

3. Polishmywriting

The next online proofreading tool we have in the list is polish my writing. It is very much easy to find all the errors in the blog post you have written, with the help of polishmywriting online proofreading tool.

You just have to copy the content you have written and paste that to the polishmywriting site stipulated area. Polishmywriting will find all the errors in your blog content in amazingly simple way. And all the errors will be marked by different colours like red colour represents spelling errors and blue colour represent suggestions which you should consider in writing and green color represents grammatical errors which are there in your content.

Other than that polish my writing will suggest you to correct phrases to use in your content to rank higher.
Sign up polishmywriting for free.

4. Google docs

Do I need to mention that Google has great infrastructure for all the services in their Kitty offering. We are discussing about best proofreading tools and Google docs provide us with most robust and easy to use features. You can add on features like thesaurus templates all for free. Which makes your writing fluid easy. It works offline too you will not lose your files even there is no internet connection. Google docs is very easy to use proofreading solution for all the bloggers, students and authors.

Most important thing is you can access your Google docs account on laptop or tablet whatever you prefer.
You can save all your articles to Google after writing and proofreading and later use them or you can share if you want.

You just need a free G mail account to use Google docs but anyway if you need more features and transparency you can go for their g suite plans which are very much cheap to use.
You can sign up for free trial g suite

From next time you should start using any one of these proofreading tools. Which we have shortlisted for you, by the way there are many available tools out there. But we have selected only those which are relevant for us or any blog on WordPress.
If we have to choose out of this we will recommend grammarly and g suite which we have used.
No tool can replace your writing skills these tool help all when we have some common mistakes may be due to our speed of writing or anything else.

Feel free to comment if you think there are other such proofreading for wordpress mainly. We will try our level best to include all those in this list.