Nobody likes duplicate and plagiarized content, it’s not about only for bloggers. But if you are even a student, you won’t get full marks if you copy your friends answers. Or even you can be a research scholar, who is busy writing his or her thesis all the time. In that case you have to make sure, your all the writings are unique and you have to proofread your article along with that. Then only research can be completed.

Are you getting my point what I mean.

Do you know what is plagiarism? Well plagiarism is copying anyone’s content without his or her permission and without giving needed credit to the concerned person.

Most of the times as a blogger we somehow unintentionally copy content as most of us are not aware of plagiarism.

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or copywriter, student, research scholar, it’s not only immoral, unethical. But it’s a crime to copy content and publish it with your authorship.

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To save yourself from such type of issues you can follow this list of best plagiarism checker tools which will come handy.

Best plagiarism checker tools for bloggers (Free and Premium)

Best plagiarism checker tools

Grammarly plagiarism tool

It’s one of the most popular and comprehensive grammar checking tool. You might wonder why it is part of or best plagiarism checker tools list. If it is a grammar checking tool.

Wait it’s one of those amazing tools which can do multitask for most of the things if you are a writer and it’s premium version contains a plagiarism checker tool.

Grammarly plagiarism tool checks your content very efficiently for any plagiarized content present in your article it scans whole web for plagiarism checking.

It’s one of a kind complete tool which every blogger should use from very beginning. It has number of useful features which you can know after using this. You can start using grammarly for free for your blog posts it will enhance your writings by suggesting grammatical errors you have done in your article.

But if you really want to use its plagiarism checker then you have to buy their premium plan which includes very robust and best plagiarism checker we can use for blogs. Apart from this I really would like to suggest you to start using this wonderful tool from very beginning. You can sign up here for free and start using out of the box.


Copyscape has been for a long time in the industry for checking plagiarism.

It is famous for providing badges to blogs which states a phrase “do not copy protected by copyscape” well you can use that too.

Copyscape website has very simple navigation and clutter-free look on the homepage. You can find a simple bar in which you can write the URL which you want to check for plagiarism.

If you want to check your written content directly then you have to buy their premium plan which have this feature.

But if you are just starting blogging then you don’t need such type of costly premium plans. You can use some free plagiarism checker tools available. We here at WPTechian provide you best plagiarism checker tools for bloggers in this list. We have included both free tool and premium.

Plagiarism checker by dustball

This plagiarism checker tool has been for really long time in the industry. I know you might not have heard about this tool. But believe me, it’s one of those tool, which I recommend if you are not using grammarly premium version. Then definitely you should use this one, they have a premium version too. But I would advise you to stick with free version, it will be suffice for indeed of blogging.

This tool has very simple interface to just go and paste your content your work is done.


With the help of plagium you can check your content for any type of plagiarism that too free of cost if you are making limited requests.

One of the unique feature about this tool as compared to other plagiarism checking tools in the list is, plagium will always check content for plagiarism even from social media post like Facebook and Twitter.

If you are someone who has to check plagiarism for less number of articles or blogs. Then you can definitely use this tool as they provide some limited quota for free.

If any day you like this tool at par then you can use their premium version which cost around 0.08 dollars per page it’s not that big amount if you consider plagiarism important.


This is the one tool which I asked you to use from beginning. As Duplichecker do not have any type of premium plan, they are having free plan as of now. If you are someone who needs only free plan, you can use this and it gets your job done quickly really.

It is very much simple to use as it has very minimalistic and functional utility.

Unlike other tools present you can even uploaded doc or text file from your computer for checking plagiarism. It even enables you to copy and paste your content in the bar provided.

You can check 50 articles for plagiarism per day for registered users.

I think 50 articles is something more than enough you would ever need even if you are into blogging for sometime.

Ok let’s conclude this article, all of these tools definitely going to help you to write better and unique content for your blog. And we all know “content is king” and its one of the foremost and important part of blogging to rank higher in search engines and increase organic traffic.

If you need any premium plan then you can go for grammarly premium and if you just started blogging and looking for free substitute for best free plagiarism checker tools out there. Then our hands on to duplichecker.

Feel free to comment if you think there are other better plagiarism checking tool which you are using we would be happy to include that in a list.