Howdy buddies,, How is your blogging up to?
Are your expectation, I mean revenue going down?
Are you one of those, who is dependent on contextual advertising like AdSense for making money online from blogging.

Did you try to find out the reasons behind the decline of revenue of your blog.
If the answer of these above questions is not sure keep on reading this blog post. I will help you to revert back your advertisement earnings to the previous levels and i would try to make you understand how you can increase your AdSense earnings or any other contextual advertising revenue.

Frankly we have done a case study on effects of adblockers on blogs, in one of our health blog healthlogus.
In healthlogus our AdSense income was declining frequently for some time now. After hack of research we came to know about the the concept of AD blocking which was the main reason behind declining revenue. I will write about this case study of AdSense revenue …

After that we have started using anti adblock wordpress plugin and definitely we have got the results. Which we will be discussing in this article later be with me.

Like all of us everybody do not like numerous ads those disturbing, popping and coming from all over the web page. It applies for me as well I personally don’t like all those intruding ads. All bloggers should have responsibility of using ads properly without annoying add placements.

Because of some people who use unnecessarily highly popping ads all over on their sites/blogs lead to the the usage of ad blocking extensions and ad blockers.

Ad blocking by ad blockers has been growing at a very high speed there are more than 198 million users who are using ad blockers on there respective browsers.

The numbers are huge believe me this could be the reason of the decline of your ad revenue all together.

anti adblock wordpress plugins

4 anti adblock wordpress plugins to fight ad blockers

Now the point is “what should you do” when and many of your visitors or readers are using ad blocker browser extensions. You need to earn to run your blog successfully and we do understand there are some cost of running any blog out there and some of us doing blogging as a career then it becomes more important for them.
To tackle this situation we have created this amazing list of anti adblock wordpress plugins that can be used on your blog to decrease the effects of ad blockers on any browser possible.

Simple adblock notice

This is my top choice for detecting ad blockers and managing accordingly. It works on very simple principle of displaying in notice let me explain it.

This is the best solution of this problem because the script used in most of the anti adblock plugins use can be harmful for your wordpress blog. That is why, I like this plugin which is very much minimal.

Simple adblock notice plugin shows pop up message to Whitelist your blog if any ad blocker browser extension blocks the placed ads on your blog
It only notifies your blog traffic not to use ad blocker browser extensions. This is the most polite way to increase your ad revenue as we have already discussed ad blockers are on rise these days.

If you need some more ways to block ad blockers we have listed other
anti adblock wordpress plugins in this list. You can have a look on those too more capable of blocking ad blockers apart from only notifying.
Notifying your users is the most hassle free way we recommend as of now.

Ad blocker notify lite

This plugin is very easy to use with all the data provided in a widget form like about stats of your blog traffic with activated ad blockers

It works on the simple principle like it detects ad blockers and notify users to switch off their ad blocker softwares or browser extensions to fully access your blog.
This plugin has been made in collaboration with one of the industry leader admiral Inc and themeisle (we have discussed before about beautiful themes by them) you would not go wrong using their products.

It is a custom alternative message where your hidden ads would normally appear. This is the best solution you can get for ad blockers out there.

Important features

  • Random selectors that is why it will be hard to to detect this anti adblock plugin by ad blockers
  • You can customize notification messages with the help of jQuery
  • There are many available options to notify your users
  • It will definitely going to increase ad revenue on your blog

Block adblock by admiral

It is one of those anti adblock wordpress plugins. Which have a different approach of blocking ad blockers your users are using. By locking publishers content till the point users disable their adblock addons on their browsers and don’t worry your locked content is SEO ready.

As we have seen in the above plugin ad blocker notify it was also made by in collaboration with admiral inc.

This plugin is offered by admiral alone and there are some advance add ons, admiral adblock suit available for this plugin. If you want analytics and want to know about “how much revenue you decreased because of ad blocker extensions on your traffic browsers”.

Important features

  • Random class changing thus it becomes very hard for ad blockers to block this anti adblock plugin.
  • You can customize your message with different display layouts.
  • You can customize it by delaying your messages to appear.
  • You can hide even close button.

Adblock x

This is very much user friendly and easy to install, it starts to work just after activating the plugin. With the help of adblock x anti adblock wordpress plugin. You can even see real time data and know the effects of AD blockers on your website or blog, for that simply we have to sign into the adblock x portal.

The beauty of this plugin is you can configure your custom message which you want to show to your visitor and ask them not to use ad blockers. Custom messages act like call to actions and really works.
This anti adblocker have been tested on most of the available browsers that we use today.

Important features of adblock x plugin

  • You can track all the visitors or returning visitors who have active ad blockers installed on their respective browsers.
  • You can know about the type of device your blog readers are using like desktop mobile and tablets and react to them.
  • You can set up rules for your website traffic with active ad blockers and ask them to whitelist blog
  • You can track all the events about your blogs traffic when it comes to AD blockers

If you know anything more about or if you have any suggestion about any other anti adblock wordpress plugins please shoot message we would be happy to include that.