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It is nice to have you on board and we are glad that you are interested to know about us. In the following paragraphs we’ll try to share our objective and brief info about authors.

This blog is about advanced topic of wordpress. WordPress isn’t a stranger anymore we all know about, For the same reason you are here i hope and being used on more than 30% of the total websites in the world.

One of most famous blogs and big complex websites and applications are being built with this amazing CMS Know as WordPress. We will try to cover advanced how to articles of WordPress in this blog. If you want us to cover your favorite topic, let us know

Wptechian.com is an online blog on blogging and earning, website and information blog when it comes how to make money through internet. We are a team of tech-savvy professionals with a common idea to construct a proficient as well as resourceful online platform about web and technology. The blog is focused to offer useful and valuable information to readers about wordpress, blogging and how to make money. We aimed to share fresh & easy to use tutorials, tweaks and accessible information based on our experiences and knowledge. The blog is jointly developed and formulated by Taruna and Abhay Pratap Singh.

We specialise in coverage of WordPress themes and plugins.  And anything related to blogging.

WPTechian provides WordPress tricks, tutorials, tips and deals for website owners, marketers and freelancers and everyone out there.

WPTechian is an online publication that shares tutorials, reviews, and tips to give your WordPress website way boom.

Wptechian explores WordPress-related techniques and resources, shares helpful information, and provides useful tips and insights to anybody and everybody with an interest in WordPress.

Our goal is to create a resource that’s thought provoking, educational and current: In short, a site that’s of interest to WordPress users everywhere.

Run by Abhay Pratap Singh (Anurat Media), a self-proclaimed WordPress enthusiast from India (New Delhi), WPTechian is a collaboration between professional creatives, coders and web designers from around the globe, who each contribute a wealth of knowledge and expertise on a range of WordPress-related topics.

We’re not here to get pushy with product promotions or create spammy and useless information — no way The main goal of this site is to create amazing information that educate our readers on anything and everything on the topic WordPress and How to make money with digital marketing. With that as our main focus we have spent countless hours or long time i would say creating in-depth guides to help you get off the ground and running. Ofcourse we have benefits of doing that.

Being a WordPress enthusiasts who want to learn each and everything great WordPress products and services available on the internet. Many of our writers are experienced WordPress web designers, programmers and skilled researchers with unique views and insights into everything they share here.

As a result diverse mixture of experience and views, and our dedication to creating evergreen content that is both helpful and easy to understand, we are proud to have risen the ranks as one of the WordPress resources on the web today. You all should have proud as readers are the one who make us.

Aside from creating great content on wordpress and how to make money through internet, we have also worked alongside many others in the WordPress community and have built great relationships with them. As a result, You will be surprised to know, you can now come to WPTechian to find some great (& exclusive) deals that will not be available anywhere else online.

We are proud of the work we’ve put behind this website and we are happy to have you come be a part of it

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