Every blogger out there wants to increase traffic to their blogs but it’s not that easy it seems.
Moreover this happens when you continuously writing blogs. But without getting any results and your viewership is very low even after trying a lot. Like You becomes helpless and get away with blogging.

You have to think twice before quitting blogging. Ask yourself a question are you doing it right? Is there anything which you are supposed to do?

But you are not doing anyways I will help you to increase organic traffic in a very efficient way. Read on this blog you will gradually see results.

Do you know the potential of organic traffic? Let me tell you.

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You can get hundreds of thousands of views monthly to your blog with the help of organic traffic..
This type of traffic comes from all the search engines available. All of the big players like shoutmeloud, labnol are dependent on search engines. And we all know they get tons of traffic..
you just need to follow these

8 amazing easy ways to increase organic traffic to wordpress blog

1. Quality of the content

Content is the base of a blog this is the main thing on which you stand alone in the niche.
Content is indeed most important factors considered by search engines for their rankings. That is why you should start working on the quality of your content. Which you are publishing on your wordpress blog.

This is first and foremost step to get organic traffic
If you are content is good then most of the fellow bloggers will like to add your links. In their blog post if your article is relevant to their. This way you will be able to increase your Backlink profile. Thus search engine rankings. Which is outcome of great organic traffic.

  • How to write high quality articles for your blog

I have already told you the importance of organic traffic and to get that you have to write high quality blog post. And trust me its not that easy you have to really put on hard work to achieve that.

You should try to write big articles like more than 800 words and it should cover. Most of the aspects of that topic it will ease out to your viewers too.

It will always help you to write quality article if you research it well before writing your blog. And you should note down all the important points on which you will be writing. Then you can explain these points your article will automatically become long explanatory blog.

Try to be friendly and conversative in your blog post. It will help your viewers to understand easily what you want to convey. Even you can partition your article in points to make it more easier and understandable.

I will recommend you to add good images as images makes your article look appealing and good. You should create your images by yourself there are free available tools which you can use to create images. There is tool which I recommend is canva and stencil.Which we are using right here on our blog

If you are following these steps more accurately then you will be having recurring and permanent traffic to your blog.

  • Things you should never forget before writing your blog post

Always research your topic and make notes on that from various available resources. Move through studies from best educative resources and you should create your images well before starting to write, you can even consider infographics because that will enhance your post.

You should not try to include large number of grammatical errors there is a high possibility. If you are writing more than 800 words then you can end up with lot of grammatical errors. For this you can use grammarly which will come handy and it will save your lot of time you should sign up grammarly it’s free of cost.

Try to write at least 800 words on a particular topic it will help you to rank easily. It would be great if you can write around 1500 words, it will be exhaustive guide well you can right mix up of short articles as well.
Always try to use call to action like ask your views to share your articles to their social media profiles. like we do here at WPTechian.

2. You should do keyword research for your blog

After writing a good content now you have to optimize with keywords which are related to the content which will help you to rank higher in search engines.

Without keywords you cannot Excel organically that is why you should always do keyword research well before and after article is published to your blog.
It’s not that easy to find good and less competitive keywords on which you can rank higher. But you can always use various SEO tools available in the market like a semrush.

  • How to find easy ranking keywords for a blog

If you really want to get on first page of any of the available search engines. Then you have to do keyword research properly this is single part you have to walk along with it.
I recommend you to use semrush or spyfu either of these two are best. When it comes to keyword research you can easily know about the competitors on which keywords they are doing wonders we here at our blog using spyfu.

Try to find 7 to 8 keywords with the help of these tools SEO tools mentioned above (I would ask you to use one of them to get rank higher). After finding these keywords you should now optimize your blog with these keywords.

I would advise you not to stuff unnecessarily it should be free flowing and easy to understand otherwise it will impact you negatively.
You should always look for long tail keywords as this will be beneficial in two ways. like due to increasing voice search long tail keywords are more relevant and they are less competitive indeed.

If you are someone who really wants perfect keywords and who have been writing for a while then you can consider long tail Pro. It’s a wonderful tool to find you all the related long tail keywords for your blog post but if you are using either of the two SEO tools which I have discussed earlier it will suffice.

  • How to use keywords in blog

You should optimize your article with long tail keyword that to naturally you should not focus aggressively. That will be counted as black hat technique. Which we never support.
Sometimes it’s not easy to rank for long tail keyword too because of this you should always use variation of your keywords alternatively.
Try to control the volume of keywords in your blog post you should not use more than 4 keywords in 800 word post
Never forget to use your keywords in a title tag and permalink.

Try to find keywords with good volume and less competition those will be easy for you to rank higher in search engines.
Keep a note of your competitors what keywords they are ranking for (spyfu will help you know all those).

3. Keep your blog fresh write regularly

Trust me if you keep your blog fresh and write regularly and posting regular high quality articles. Then I don’t think anyone can beat you in your niche.
Most of the bloggers fails to do this as writing high quality articles takes ton of efforts motivation should always be at par. Sometime or the other we intend to get down our enthusiasm get diminished but we have to work hard. And not fail just keep on walking keep on running this is only the path to great blogging.

  • How to write consistently on your blog to increase organic traffic
easy ways to increase organic traffic

If you are writing consistently then definitely you will be going to rank higher in search engines. As we all know that up to date blogs tends to rank higher as they are in line with the latest trends and takes care covering all the relevant information which are going on in the market.

If you are writing consistently then some or the other time you will become big resource of information in a particular field as overtime.

You will be having collection of large number of posts this will help you to increase your authority as well as trust factor.
Search engines like fresh and updated content, keep on writing trending topics,
You should remember if you are writing regularly, Just for the sake of writing large number of articles or blog posts never create bad quality blogs. Which are irrelevant an uninformative that will not going to help you rank higher in search engines even lessen your authority.
You can write four articles a week in a initial phase of your blogging this will help you to get going.

4. You should never forget meta tags if you want to get organic traffic read on this will help you

You should always use meta tags like title tags, meta description in your blog. As it will help web and search engine crawlers to crawl your site better and efficiently. And search engine bot will be able to understand, what the blog is about and it will help you to rank higher in search engine eventually getting a good amount of organic traffic to wordpress blog.

Search engine rankings is highly dependent on the basis of your meta tags. Because your blog post is easily understandable to search engines because of meta tags. Uses of meta tags comes under on page SEO technique and we all know how much weightage we should give to Search engine optimization it is the only way you get profitable

  • How to write meta tags for a wordpress blog

You should always research your topic before writing a meta description. I will recommend you to take important points from your blog post then write those points in a great format to a meta description. This will be shown to users in serps through which we can understand what the post is about.

You should not write unnecessary long meta description it should be well controlled and written about 4 lines that will help you to describe the content easily. You can use two keywords about your content such type of optimization will definitely going to help you. Give it a try.
Other important meta tag is title tag which you should write according to your post. It should be related to the article you have written, it should never misguide anyone. This will help you to increase organic traffic to wordpress blog. There are other meta tags as well but these are some of which you have to take care most importantly.

5. Web page optimization

Web page optimization is how your post layout, how you are projecting your content. Like title tags, heading tags, images, videos and what type of your permalink is.
You should always use various types of tags available in WordPress blog H1 tag, H2 tag and various others.
Always use combination all these like you can use H1 tag in your main heading and H2 to your subheadings it will make your article beautifully laid out.

You should also take care of your image and before uploading to your post we recommend you to compress images as this will use less of your resources and will not decrease your speed of your blog. For this we recommend you to use one such amazing tool shortpixel. It will take care of everything for you when it’s about images.
And your permalink should be short and neatly crafted
In all in all you should give priority to the quality of your blog.

6. Internal linking

This is one of the best ways you can increase your page views and lessen your bounce rate.
Interlinking is the technique by which you can add related and relevant post from your blog to a particular article. But you should always add only those blog link which are related to the article in which you are adding reference or recommended reading. This way you can confined anyone to your site for long.

It will increase your SEO values to your site if you are doing it right and your all the articles becomes useful and no outdated.
Try it yourself you will note this that you have increased your page views within no time.

For example if you are ranking for a single article but as have already told you if you are doing right internal link building. Then you can direct those views to the articles which have less exposure but are related to this.
I myself have noticed a bump in my page views. And before that I was not sure if internal link building can be such a step, even it help me to increase my revenue because as of now I am using Google AdSense.

If there is big number of page views then definitely you are going to earn big from Google AdSense. Meanwhile now I used to interlink all my articles perfectly which is even helping everyone and I am trying to be more resource ful now it feels really good.

Internal links too help web crawlers to crawl your website better. To interlink your older blog post you should find your blog related to the blog you are writing now. And you should add 3 to 4 links with good anchor text which are related you can also use tools like smart links. Which can do this automatically you just need to configure  it.

  • Points you should keep in mind while interlinking

You should keep balance the number of links you are using 5 to 6 links are fine you can go with it. But it should not be very much neaty. You should always remember to link related article.

7. Link building for WordPress

This is the path to get success in blogging. As I can bet everybody knows how much importance is backlinks for our blogs. We cannot get aside with backlinks you should begin with creating backlinks right away. Even I can say you can stop reading this go and create backlinks this is how I say to my viewers.

link building is not that easy to start with indeed it’s very tough as you have to take care of all the links from where you are getting. As if you are getting from low resources then they are not of use and they will hamper you badly. Will never help you to increase organic traffic to wordpress blog.

  • How to do link building for wordpress blog

There can be various ways to build backlinks, but the best way is which is unbeaten by far margins is to create quality blogs you will definitely get numerous backlinks from reputed established website. If your blog is worth getting backlink from them.

But you can yourself work hard to get backlinks like you can create backlinks from forums and other such websites.
Backlinks are of two types nofollow and dofollow.

Dofollow links are much of what do you want which are useful for us when it comes to SEO, Help you to get rank higher.
But it’s not like you should not have even a single nofollow links. Both type of links are good, nofollow links good for viewers you should have a good balance of these.

Points to be remembered while you create backlinks for blog
you should link building only with the related websites then only it will help you like. if you are writing tech blog then backlink from a fitness website is not that helpful.
Try to build backlinks with hi quality blogs that will increase your trust factor.

8. Social media share

Most of you might be thinking social media shares are for referral traffic. But let me tell you it will increase your organic traffic too how amazed. When your blog posts are continually being shared on social media websites this has been seen as a good by search engines and they put you higher in rankings. As they treat your content authoritative and in return it help you boost rankings and increase organic traffic to wordpress.

But it really becomes tough to share your own post continually to these sites for this you can use services like hootsuit and buffer you can sign up there free plans those are enough if you are new.


You cannot deny organic traffic is the best traffic. Which we all want but trust me if you follow this post dedicatedly then definitely you are going to do wonders.

If you think there is other best easy ways to increase organic traffic then you can ping is in comment.